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Staff Research Associate 2

The Marketing Associate will work with UC Cooperative Extension and UC SAREP staff to research marketing opportunities for moringa and work with moringa growers on drying techniques and connecting to new markets. Duties include assisting with interviews of moringa growers, researching best practices for drying and packaging moringa, coordinating nutritional analyses of dried moringa leaves, assisting with workshops, researching markets for moringa, and developing promotional materials. The Marketing Associate will also manage field trials on moringa drying techniques, including coordination with farmers, data collection and analysis, and follow-up extension efforts.

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1. On upper left side menu select "Search Postings."
2. Enter the Requisition Number from the Position Vacancy Announcement and select "Search."
3. Under working title select "View."
4. Select "Apply for this Posting ."
5. Create a user name.

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