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Master Gardeners: The UCCE Backyard Gardener Connection

In January 2013, the fourteenth class began a four month long new Master Gardener training. In addition to learning a lot about plant pests, diseases, fertilization, etc., trainees also learned how to interact with the public at a variety of events and venues. County residents can benefit from Master Gardener expertise by taking gardening classes at Garden of the Sun, calling the Helpline desk (600-7224) and meeting with them at plant clinics held at local farmer’s markets. Master Gardeners also host gardening seminars at the annual Fresno Home and Garden Show on topics ranging from the cultural care of roses, citrus, cactus and succulents, square foot vegetable gardening, iris, and much more.

The popularity of enhancing one’s current garden with edible plants prompted a three hour workshop titled, Incorporating Edibles into Your Landscape.  Over 50 attendees received instruction about how to grow delicious fruits and vegetables right in their existing landscape plantings, a movement that is becoming increasingly popular with gardeners desiring to limit their carbon footprint, know where their food comes from and experience the unique satisfaction of growing their own backyard to belly connection.