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Celebrating with Farm Bureau as they begin their Centennial year by receiving a proclamation from the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.


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Going Organic Keeps Going

Going Organic Keeps Going

Going Organic Keeps Going

As consumer interest in organic and pesticide-free produce increases, growers are offering alternatives by responding to health concerns with organically grown fruits and vegetables. Organic research and education is important to consumers for their family health and to the grower whose family works on the farm with less exposure to toxic chemicals. Richard Molinar has received approval to organically farm 10 acres at the Kearney Agricultural Center. These 10 acres allow Molinar to grow crops organically and conduct field days for growers and consumers to see, feel, and taste the fruits of the research.
Early in the growing season, Molinar demonstrates soil solarization and the use of different colors of plastic to maintain effective organic weed control. As the season progresses, field day participants have an opportunity to experience pest management of crops and at harvest the fruits of the labor are enjoyed with taste testing.

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