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Evaluating Herbicides in Blackeye Beans May Save Substantial Expenses

Evaluating Herbicides in Blackeye Beans May Save Substantial Expenses

Kurt Hembree conducted field trials to look at herbicides and application methods for controlling weeds in blackeye beans. Weed control is necessary in blackeyes to preserve yield and bean quality. However, since so few herbicides are registered in this crop in California, growers must have their fields hand-weeded, increasing the cost of production by at least $200/acre. In 2010 field trials, some herbicides tested provided economical control of weeds, but caused damage to the bean plants. When spray shields were used to help keep the herbicides off the crop foliage, crop injury was minimal and yields were excellent. If some of the herbicides tested become registered in California, it would help eliminate the necessity for hand-weeding in most fields and save growers at least $150/acre or about $1.2 million annually.

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