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The Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides, 3rd Edition


Publication Number: 3324

Copyright Date: 2016

Length: 386 pp.

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-895-7


Detailed information for selecting, using, handling, storing, and disposing of pesticides; worker protection; label reading; personal protective equipment; and reduction of environmental problems. Recommended study material for DPR exams.

Pests of the Garden and Small Farm, 3rd Edition

3332 MG

Publication Number: 3332

Copyright Date: 2018

Length: 248 pp.

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-974-9


Updated and new!

This handbook adapts scientifically based integrated pest management techniques to the needs of the home gardener and small-scale or urban farmer. Covers insects, mites, plant diseases, nematodes, and weeds of fruit and nut trees and vegetables using the IPM approach of making minimal use of broad-spectrum pesticides; the methods recommended here rely primarily on organically acceptable alternatives.

Forest and Right-of-Way Pest Control, 2nd Edition


Publication Number: 3336

Copyright Date: 2013

Length: 340 pp.

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-830-8


A comprehensive guide to using pesticides and other pest control methods in situations including forests, tree nurseries, Christmas tree farms, along roads, railways, utility rights-of-way, recreation trails. DPR test material (QAL and QAC)

Pests of Landscape Tree and Shrubs, 3rd Edition


Publication Number: 3359

Copyright Date: 2016

Length: 437 pp

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-864-3


With this manual you will be able to diagnose and manage hundreds of insect, mite, weed, plant disease, and nematode pests. You'll find information on using environmentally safe IPM methods, landscape designs that prevent pests, selecting resistant varieties, choosing and using less-toxic pesticides, planting, irrigating, and other plant-care activities that help in avoiding problems. Contains over one hundred pages of easy-to-use tree and shrub pest tables that will help you identify common problems on over two hundred types of trees and shrubs.

Pesticide Safety: A Study Manual for Private Applicators, 3rd Edition


Publication Number: 3383

Copyright Date: 2021

Length: 232 pp.

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-62711-132-4


This manual covers information essential for anyone using pesticides on California farms, including growers, managers and employees in an easy-to-use format. Read this book carefully to prepare for the Private Applicator Certification test. DPR uses this test to certify farm owners, leaseholders, and managers who may have to purchase restricted materials, as well as farm employees who supervise pesticide handlers or will be training handlers and fieldworkers to work safely around pesticides. A list of knowledge expectations (descriptions of what you should know after reading the chapter) are given at the beginning of each chapter to guide you as you study. Individual knowledge expectations appear alongside relevant content throughout each chapter, which will help you focus on the information that is most likely to appear on the examination. Covers pesticide labels, worker safety (handlers and fieldworkers), how to mix and apply pesticides, calibration, the hazards of pesticide use including heat related illness, and pesticide emergencies. Presents an overview of integrated management principles

California Master Gardener Handbook, 2nd Edition


Publication Number: 3382

Copyright Date: 2015

Length: 756 pp.

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-857-5


Since 2002, the California Master Gardener Handbook has been the definitive source for practical advice for gardeners throughout the West. Now the much-anticipated second edition is here-completely redesigned, with updated tables, graphics, color photos throughout, and reorganization of information for better ease of use. Chapters cover soil, fertilizer, and water management, plant propagation, plant physiology; weeds and pests; home vegetable gardening; specific garden crops including grapes, berries temperate fruits and nuts, citrus, and avocados; woody landscape plants, and landscape design. Included is new information on invasive plants and principles of designing and maintaining landscapes for fire protection.