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Children Following Mom’s “Food-Steps”

What EFNEP Has Done:
 It is summer, and for six Tuesday afternoons at Quail Run Apartments, 20 (Latino) youngsters plant radish seeds, make compost complete with earthworms, and learn to eat more fruits and vegetables as snacks as well as with meals.  Fresno County EFNEP youth educator, Nelly Carrillo-Carlos teaches these children Nutrition to Grow On.

Moms Quail Run

Then on Wednesdays, it is “Mom’s afternoon out” as Nelly delivers 8 weeks of Eating Smart Being Active lessons to Quail Run Moms. They learn to make lifestyle changes to benefit their personal well-being, how to be good role models for their children, prepare new recipes, and taste new foods.

The Pay Off:
There have been dramatic changes in the way Quail Run Moms think; more than half now read nutrition labels, make healthier choices, and prepare foods without adding salt.  One young mother, Miriam, became especially inspired and told EFNEP: “I began to eat better, add more fruit and veggies, cut out most of my snack foods (chips, cookies, soda). So far I have lost 20 pounds in 1 month and I’ve only just begun!”

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