Ashlyn, Los Angeles County

Ashlyn, Greenleaf 4-H Club, Los Angeles County

4-H runs in Ashlyn’s blood! Both of her parents were members of the Greenleaf 4-H Club when they were younger, and Ashlyn is continuing their legacy. Ashlyn is nine years old and currently enjoying her third year of 4-H.

Ashlyn is involved in the crafts, sewing, community service, and woodworking projects. She says, “I really like being in the sewing project because I learn how to sew dresses and outfits that I wear on special occasions. I really learn a lot from my leader, Mary Lash.” Ashlyn loves to display her sewing project work. She frequently enters local fairs and will be participating in the “Make It With Wool” competition this year. Ashlyn also partakes in Fashion Revue contests where she enjoys having the chance to share and model her current work. For her woodworking project, Ashlyn is making toy cars that she plans to donate to patients at a children’s hospital. Ashlyn has also taken an interest in animals. She attended the Los Angeles County 4-H Pet Symposium this year, where she learned about all kinds of animals and how to care for them.

Ashlyn’s favorite 4-H activity thus far has been the Los Angeles County 4-H Summer Camp, which she has attended for the past two years. At camp, Ashlyn and her friends go swimming, tie-dye shirts, make bird houses, craft friendship bracelets, sing songs around the camp fire, and enjoy the delicious food that her dad helps to prepare. Ashlyn says, “I love 4-H Summer Camp, and I can’t wait until next year!” She recently shared her love of 4-H Summer Camp at an East LA Community Presentation for the UC Cooperative Extension, where she also modeled a dress she made for the Fashion Revue Competition.

Ashlyn is looking forward to her future in 4-H. She plans to continue her involvement, and most of all, she wants to keep having fun!

Author: Megan Reese, State 4-H Office Student Assistant,