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Outreach and Research are the Keys to Success for Small Family Farmers

In the picture at the left a grower was experiencing 30% dieback of his pomegranates and called Richard Molinar, Small Farms Advisor, to look at and help solve the problem.  Other growers on the Eastside and Westside of Fresno have also called with similar problems. 

The center picture is a legislative bus tour organized by the Farm Bureau and visiting one of the Hmong farms coordinated through Richard Molinar and Michael Yang.  Pang Chang explained that he came to the US in 1979 and with research conducted by Cooperative Extension is now growing jujubes, guavas, and papayas for profit. 

Twenty-six Hmong growers from Fresno in the right picture listen to Rick Tombari of Cooks Company at the San Francisco Wholesale Market as he discuss what they can grow that will make them more money.  He said “don’t grow these carrots; but instead grow these carrots” (referring to a bunch of 4 carrots of different colors).

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