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Being Proactive Against Weed Resistance

To help win the battle against herbicide-resistant weeds and prevent future outbreaks from occurring, it’s going to require taking a proactive approach to weed management rather than a reactive one. Through years of research and outreach efforts, Kurt Hembree has helped design a series of strategies to help one plan a weed management program that considers weed resistance. These strategies can be modified, depending on location, cost, and preference. Some of the most important ones are listed below:

  • Don’t let weeds produce new seed, including surrounding areas.
  • Make sure the spray operation is up to par.
  • Follow herbicide label guidelines.
  • Use a diverse pre- and postemergent herbicide program.
  • Thank-mix and/or rotate herbicides with different active ingredient modes-of-actions.
  • Apply herbicides at the appropriate weed stage of growth.
  • Eliminate weeds escaping treatment.
  • Vary control tactics, including tillage, hand removal, and mulches.
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